Watching porn pics in steam cafe is not allowed

Have you ever been subjected to watching nude pics when you are enjoying a cup of coffee in a quiet café shop? Most sensible people would say it is disgusting and argue against it. While there are no specific laws against watching pornography in a public place like a coffee shop, most private establishments have their own policies against watching ‘objectionable material’ in their premises.

Whatever the case, watching porn material in public café shop is not allowed for the following reasons:
1. Distasteful for other patrons

Many people visiting coffee shops prefer quiet places with few people so that they can enjoy with their friends or in case they are alone, would prefer to read book, listen to music or work. They certainly would not want to view people watching nude pics in the public. While many people might argue that everyone has a right to watch anything they choose on their personal computers or phones as far as they are minding their own business, it might certainly be an awful experience for many people to actually watch someone viewing porn pics at in public places.
2. Not recommended for children

Most parents would not want their children to view acts of violence or nude pics while they are out in public places like café shops and libraries. For this reason most coffee shops prohibit their customers to watch any kind of pornographic content in their premises. While it might not be illegal to watch xxx porn pictures in public in certain developed countries, it is sensible to consider that children’s minds are very impressionable and whatever happens in their early childhood will affect their adult life. Certainly watching porn would affect their future in a negative way.

3. Harmful to Self Image
Some people, especially those who wear tees that say something like ‘Mah Life Mah Rules’, not only seem dumb to be proud of such linguistically incorrect statements, they are also adamant enough to just ignore pretty much anyone around them. While they might not consider anyone worthy of their respect, they are compromising their own self-image, especially when they perform acts such as watching pictures of nude persons on their screens in the public regardless of other people’s opinions.
4. Virus or Hacking attacks

In this era of free Internet access through Wi-Fi at public places such as libraries and café shops, it is quite easy for hackers to get sensitive information of pretty much anyone. It mostly affects the people who visit hd porn websites like in order to ogle at pictures of nude women on their device screens in public places as many of these websites are just a door for many hackers to get inside the public networks and release their viruses into the network affecting anyone who are connected with the network in question. And this affects most the public Wi-Fi networks present at public places, for which reason it is prohibited to watch nude pics in public café shops.